Welcome to Kasauli Pine Breeze , Kasauli , India

Kasauli Pine Breeze

Pine Breeze, Kasauli is a deluxe home stay located amidst tall pine trees, this home stay is about 3 km from Garkhal of Dharmpur-Solan road. The breathtaking view of the High hills and fine forest take you in the world you had never even dared to imagine.

The homestay has total fourteen different theme rooms; six deluxe and eight super deluxe. Six deluxe rooms are in the adjoining block (Block-B), meant for max double occupancy. The main building, Block-A has eight super deluxe rooms of which four are at the ground floor and four on the first floor. 

Super Deluxe Rooms : Block-A rooms. Four on first floor and four on second, attached balcony or sit-out, having glass separated bathing area. Deluxe Rooms: Block-B rooms. Total of six rooms meant for max double occupancy. Size is smaller than the super deluxe rooms & cannot accommodate extra person


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